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Hobby vs. Business

Posted by Admin Posted on July 21 2015

Everyone has a hobby of some sort, and many people are fortunate enough to make money from participating in that hobby. What often gets overlooked is reporting that hobby income on a tax return. Here are some things to consider relating to hobby income:


  • Is the activity being pursued as a hobby or as a business? A business pursues to make a profit from the activity where a hobby is done for more recreational purposes. There are nine factors to consider when determining if the activity is aimed at profit.
  • You may be able to deduct ordinary and necessary expenses in relation to hobby income. These expenses are just that: ordinary and necessary. They are expenses that are common/appropriate and ought to be expected when pursuing a particular hobby. Generally there are limits on these expenses. If your expenses exceed your income you have a loss from the activity but you can’t deduct that loss from your other income.
  • You must file Schedule A along with your tax return in order to deduct hobby expenses. The expenses may fall into three categories each with their own special rules.
  • Activities pursued as businesses may be on the hook for additional self-employment taxes. They may also have more beneficial deduction circumstances than businesses.


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